Even the pay is good, the Vietnamese voice over market is uder the expectation with the shortage of professional voice actors. Just saying a line, a Vietnamese voice actor could be paid 20 million dongs. Even with just 2 words such as “That’s right”, they can receive 3.000 USD instantly.

What is worth noticing is that it’s extremely hard to find qualified Vietnamese voice talent. There are only a few familiar Vietnamese voice actors on the market.

Vietnamese voice actors

There is an urgent need for human resources on the Vietnamese voice over market, particularly commercials. Today, finding a decent Vietnamese voice actor is like finding a needle in a haystack. There are only a few familiar voice talents such as Dong Quan, Trung Chau, Kim Phung, Mai Trinh, Thy Mai, Dat Phi,… Therefore, the audience will realize that there are three to four continuous advertisements on TV which all share the same voice.

In fact, each TVC only lasts about 15 to 30 seconds and the Vietnamese voice talent only has to say key message or slogan… which don’t take much time in a clip. To express the spirit of content, voice talent has to be rich in experience. Their words must be clear, their expression must be flexible, and the most important thing is that they have to have a voice that can convey the brand’s soul. We cannot specify these criteria, but famous Vienamese voice actors are always booked and it is hard to find new actors.

Due to the lack of human resources, in the Vietnamese voice over market, some actors become exclusive. Especially, when clients want to find a voice actor, the best South voice talent is Trung Chau and the best North one is Dong Quan. Actually, although they are about 50 years old, their voices don’t age at all. Major of the audience don’t know these Vietnamese voice actors but some brands believe that if they want to upgrade their image, they have to invite these voice talents in their TVC. Surprisingly, voice talent’s rate is about a thousand dollars for each advertisement. Even with just 2 words such as “That’s right’, they can receive 3.000 USD from a big technology company.

Vietnamese voice talents

The Vietnamese voice over market’s need is huge but we don’t have many training classes for voice talent. There are only some classes in which voice actors come to pass on experience or having fun on stage. Voice talent cannot be trained here. It’s hard to find and train talent in this field. Recently, on the reality show “Guong mat truyen hinh“, producers have boldly put “TVC’s voice challenge” as the first and important challenge to find new factors. This is considered as a bold move of producers as not every MC has a decent voice and this is not an obligatory requirement of a TV MC. Producers said that on “Guong mat truyen hinh”, they want the candidates on the show to have a chance to receive in-depth training. Then they will understand more about the Vietnamese voice overe career they are pursuing.

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