VNVO Studio provides Vietnamese voice over for commercials with a wide range of voice talent, male and female, North and South Accent. Our voice actors are among the top voice talents in Vietnam whose voices are able to catch your attention immediately.

When it comes to voice over in commercials, the most important element is the voice. Like other markets in the world, it’s very common in Vietnamese market to use professional voice over to convey the brand’s messages and provides the information about the product or service. Whether your commercial needs a deep or warm voice or the voice that’s smart and caring. Over the years, VNVO Studio has the pleasure of providing Vietnamese voice over services for a wide range of international and national brands such as GUCCI, Spotify, Intel, LEGO etc.

Why trust us with your audio?

  • Top voice talents in Vietnam with a wide range of vocal choices
  • Fast turnaround time, 1-3 days delivery time
  • Cost-effective. We keep our voice over fee to a minimum
  • Post production support
  • 24/7 support

Check out our advertising voice samples below and let us know the Vietnamese voice actor that suits with your project. If you wish to listen to more samples please let us know.

Sample 1: Southern Female

Sample 2: Southern Female

Sample 3: Southern Female

Sample 4: Southern Female

Sample 5: Southern Female

Sample 6: Southern Female

Sample 7: Southern Female

Sample 8: Southern Male

Sample 9: Southern Male

Sample 10: Southern Male

Sample 11: Northern Female

Sample 12: Northern Female

Sample 13: Northern Male

Sample 14: Northern Male

Sample 15: Northern Male

Sample 16: Northern Male

Sample 17: Northern Male

Sample 18: Northern Male

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