VNVO Studio provides professional Vietnamese voice over services with directed sessions through Skype, Zoom, Google Meet…You will able to select the most suitable Vietnamese voice talents for your projects from the voice database that consists of all top voice actors in Vietnam at this moment. We do all types of voice over services in Vietnamese, ranging from:

COVID 19 has changing the way we record voice over in Vietnamese and probably in most of the countries. Our studio is operating as usual, but client visit is limited to when absolutely necessary. Instead, we provide another solution through “live directed session”. This means that instead of visiting the studio, clients will be listening and directing live through a voice call app such as Skype, Zoom or Google Meet. This is also one of the most effective ways for the oversea clients who can not visit the studio anyway, but they still want to attend the session to make sure the voice over actors perform according to what they need.

Vietnamese voice over
We provide directed session from our studios in Vietnam

Classic way performing Vietnamese voice over work

Typically, when clients get voice over work in Vietnamese, they send us the script with some requirements and the Vietnamese voice talent that they select. We then record it with our own direction at our studio in Vietnam, and then send the outputs back to the client. We also may make a short custom demo prior to the record and send the client for approval, depending on the requirement of each job. This classic way is proven to have some advantages as well as disadvantages compared to the directly session.


  • Cost-effective: Compared to the directed session, this classic way of recording Vietnamese voice over is much cheaper since we and the voice actors can arrange our own time to work, and other resources needed to organize a live directed session are not necessary
  • Fast turn around time: Sometimes, clients live in a opposite time zone, making it difficult to select a direct session’s schedule that work for all parties. This may result in night work for one of the party or extend the delivery time to select the schedule for both sides. In classic way, this won’t be an issue since we can perform the Vietnamese voice over at our own time and delivery to the client as soon as it’s done.
  • A wide range of Vietnamese voice actors. It’s the fact that some Vietnamese voice talents cannot do directed session as they’re too busy with their own schedule. Some voice actors work fulltime for another company, some have a tight schedule, making it difficult for them to attend any live directed session. But they are still available for any voice over record in Vietnamese if doing through the classic way.


  • Back and forth records with revisions. When we perform the voice over on our own direction, it may not be the output that the client needs. They may request for revision afterward and it results in time and costs to organize another session.

The classic way works best for some types of voice over that doesn’t require much inputs from the client such as e-learning, training, narration, video games, IVR or even some corporate or commercials videos.

Live directed session with VNVO Studio

With directed session through Zoom, Skype, or Google Meet, we only need one-time record, no back and forth revisions. Since live directed session allow client and the voice actors remotely collaborate on the recording in real time, it increases the chance that the voice outputs meet their requirements once the session is done. We get to hammer out all of the changes, revisions, backup takes, and so on, right there in the session, so that when we send the files over afterwards, we know we are very likely done with the project completely.

In reality, we often provide this live directed session for TVC, commercial and advertising voice over in Vietnamese. This type of voice over requires a high level of client inputs for the tone and pronunciation. It’s challenging for the classic way to record the TVC without client’s direction.

However, the directed session often comes with a high price tag, since it requires more resources to organize a live session. To get the most updated price for voice over service in Vietnamese in 2021, please contact us.

Vietnamese voice actor
Our studio will ensure good connection during the session


Where can I get the voice samples and send to our client?

Please contact us at with the details of your project, we will send you the most updated voice database in Vietnamese.

Which apps can you use for live directed session?

We prefer to work through Zoom, Skype or Google Meet. These apps are excellent in terms of voice quality and free of charge. We also can share the screen, chat or send the script through the app.

What time can we organize a live session with you and the voice talent?

Our time zone in Vietnam is Indochina time, GMT + 7. We can organize the session from 9:00 AM to 21:00 PM our time. We work on weekdays and weekend but for weekend, please send us the schedule in advance.

Do you have interpreter during the session?

Yes we do have one studio technician, one interpreter during the session to make sure that you can communicate with the voice actors properly.

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