VNVO has a number of Vietnamese voice talent artists with Northern accent (Hanoi). Northern accent is the standard accent in Vietnam. It is widely used in offical materials and songs. In business, If your business target is North of Vietnam (i.e Hanoi, Bac Ninh, Quang Ninh ect.) the northernVietnamese voice talent artists is the most suitable persons. In addition, if majority of your customers live in the North of Vietnam, this accent should be better as well. However, there is no strict requirement of using these two accents. Nowaday you can find many commercials on national TV channels that use southern accent, instead of northern accent. This is because, compared to northern accent, southern accent is softer and a bit more attractive even for the northern people. So basicially, you can use either southern accent or northern accent (which is the stardard accent) for voice over if your business target is the whole country.

Please listen to the demos of our Vietnamese voice talent artists below and let us know your preferred voice samples. Each Vietnamese voice artist has specific rate. Please contact us so we can recommend you the most suitable artist

Sample 1: 

Sample 2:

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