Below are some commercials and audio-visual voice-over recordings produced by VNVO. To get the quotation, please contact us. Our staff will assist you to select the most appropriate voice talent that matches with your service.

HAVER & BOECKER – Introduction of the company

 Shinan 1004 seaweed Co,.Ltd – Korean – Introduction of the company

Golean Detox Tea:

Oyika App

International School of Ministry® (ISOM) – Introduction of the school

Digital Changes Agent – Singapore

People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA)

Living Nature –  New Zealand’s cosmetic brand – Introduction of new product

Digital Changes Agent – App introduction

Cyrix Ltd – Introduction of company

Giang Ghe Restaurant

USAdvisor – Introduction of company’s service

Olymp Trade – Introduction of company’s service

Voice over for App introduction  – V-More – Northern female voice

Voice over for App introduction  – Pocket Money – Northern female voice

Voice over for Service introduction   – Southern female voice