Many companies and individuals are searching for a Vietnamese voice over service. With the growing trend of online marketing and intense offline competition, affordable Vietnamese voice over is becoming increasingly vital for enhancing the professionalism and popularity of advertisements, as well as reducing production costs and increasing business competitiveness. However, finding a good and low-cost Vietnamese voice over service can be challenging in today’s market, due to the unique nature of the voice over industry. In order to get the best affordable voice over, it’s important to understand the reasons behind this trend and find a trustworthy provider such as VNVO Studio.

Why are Vietnamese voice over services not inexpensive?

Many people ask this question when looking for the cost of Vietnamese voice over services in the market. In reality, the cost for a brief voice over production in Vietnamese can range from roughly $30 to an unlimited amount. A professional Vietnamese voice over video can cost anywhere from several dollars to hundreds of dollars, depending on the voice actor and the business’s needs. The following are the main reasons why the cost is not cheap:

  • Costs of recording studios: Voice over providers usually have a high-quality studio. To make sure the voice over file is of a standard quality, with accurate sound and no noise, a quality studio with appropriate equipment is necessary. Building a studio and purchasing such equipment in Vietnam is not usually inexpensive. As a result, when determining the cost, providers often include studio costs in the product costs. For instance, the cost of using a recording studio in Vietnam typically ranges from $13 to $22 per hour. Even though short voice over videos only last a few minutes to several minutes, customers still have to pay for an hour.
  • Expenses on Vietnamese voice talent: Becoming a professional Vietnamese voice actor requires a suitable voice and a lot of practice. Similar to singers, it’s difficult to have a suitable and skilled voice. Not all pleasant-sounding voices are suitable for voice over work. It’s important for the Vietnamese voice actor to have the skill to deliver the script in a natural, smooth, and appealing manner. Voice actors each have their own techniques and experience in the industry, which requires a significant amount of time and effort. As a result, payment for Vietnamese voice actors is not cheap either. Typically, payment for voice actors in Vietnam is based on advertising or the number of words or pages if they are doing voice over for longer scripts, such as audio stories, e-books, or training materials. Payment for voice actors is a major factor that contributes to the high expenses of voice over in the Vietnamese market today.
  • The cost of post-production is a factor that contributes to the increased cost of voice over services compared to other services available. Although voice over recording itself only addresses 70% of the requirements, post-production is also crucial in determining the final quality of the product. Wave files are typically processed using professional audio software such as Adobe Audition, Audacity, or Acoustica to remove background noise and fine-tune sound effects to meet the needs of the advertising industry. This process requires skilled engineers with a deep understanding of audio processing. The cost of post-production adds to the overall cost of voice over services.
  • The voice over service industry is not well established in Vietnam. It has been a well-developed field in developed countries for a long time, but in Vietnam, it is a relatively new concept with limited demand. Vietnamese businesses often handle the voice over recording in-house or use low-quality services. There are also few training centers for professional voice actors in the country, with most voice actors being MCs or TV personalities. Due to the lack of demand, the cost of voice over services is not competitive.

Recording voiceover at VNVO Studio 

What is the cost of voice over services in Vietnam?

At present, there are several dozens of voice over studios in Vietnam, ranging from professional to amateur. The prices for these services vary widely. A one-minute Vietnamese voice over video can cost anywhere from 43 to 86 dollars, depending on the quality of service provided. This price range can be prohibitively expensive for individuals or small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) looking to develop a professional marketing strategy. Cheaper amateur services are available, but the voice actors are not as skilled and the recording quality is not up to standard.

What is the best offer for  voiceover  in Vietnam?

This is a common question and one that VNVO Studio cannot answer definitively, as we do not have comprehensive knowledge of the entire market. However, we can confirm that VNVO Studio offers the most affordable voice over service in Vietnam compared to other similar services. This is due to the following reasons:

  • VNVO Studio’s initial business strategy was focused on providing low-cost voice over services, with the goal of promoting and advancing professional Vietnamese voice over services to all small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) in the country. Despite the significant investment in the studio and Vietnamese voice actors, VNVO Studio strives to keep its costs to a minimum in order to meet the demand for affordable voice over services among individuals and SMEs.
  • VNVO Studio has been operating in the low-cost voice over industry for over a decade in Vietnam. The studio has established partnerships and provided services to numerous domestic and international clients, allowing us to understand the optimal balance between cost and quality. When working with VNVO Studio, you can be confident that you will always receive the best value for your money. Our priority is ensuring that our customers receive top-quality products that are worth their investment.

Are there many Vietnamese voice over services priced at just a few dollars?

Yes, there are many such services in the Vietnamese market. However, the low cost of these services is often reflected in the quality of the products. Many of these cheap voice over services are produced at home-based studios or older, unqualified facilities, which leads to poor sound quality. Technicians often use unsophisticated methods to cover up the poor quality of the recording by mixing in music. Additionally, the voice actors used in these services are not professional, they simply read the script in their own voice and do not perform as trained voice actors would.

Vietnamese voice over
Vietnamese voice actors

What services does VNVO Studio’s low-cost voice over service encompass?

VNVO Studio offers a comprehensive range of low-cost voice over services for individuals and businesses in Vietnam, including:

How can I receive a quote for VNVO Studio’s low-cost voice over service?

To obtain a quote for VNVO Studio’s low-cost voice over service, you can reach out to us here, In your email or WhatsApp, please provide us with the following information so we can provide you with an accurate quote:

  1. What type of voice over services you require (e.g. video ads, company introduction videos, voice over for switchboard or training materials, etc.).
  2. The length of your script in words or the duration of the audio.
  3. The desired Vietnamese voice accent (Northern or Southern).
  4. Whether you require any additional services such as synchronization or dubbing.

With this information, we will be able to provide you with a suitable quote. The turnaround time for submitting the file will depend on your requirements, and it can be done within 1-2 days.

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