VNVO Studio offers  a wide range of narration voice over in Vietnamese, including e-Learning, presentation, tutorials, instructional and educational videos. Whether you’re plan to teach clients how to use your e-commerce platform, medical professionals how to use a new device, tutorials or e-learning videos can be the ideal way to do it. Voice over narration in Vietnamese can be extremely effective, provided you an opportunity to choose a narrator who is supremely suited for your task. We offer more than 10 top narrators in Vietnam, you’re likely to find a good match by listening to our voice samples below.

E-learning voice over typically involves extensive listening, meaning that you need a narrator whose voice is likable, gentle and easy to listen. VNVO Studio offers both male and female narrators with North and South accents in Vietnamese. Our voices are proved to be well received for e-learning and tutorial projects since they are soft, easygoing and more trustworthy.

Understanding that it’s likewise tough to listen and learn if the voice is full of pops, noise and sibilants and other distractions, our voices are produced in state-of-the-arts studios with professional equipment. We ensure the standard outputs which meet minimum requirements of the narration voice over worldwide.

E-learning and educational voice over are often fairly lengthy, requiring a significant amount of time and efforts to record and edit. Thanks to our extensive experiences in narration voice over in Vietnamese, we are able to deliver the job in a timely manner, while ensuring the top voice quality. Our services include:

  • Translate your script from English to Vietnamese
  • Voice over with your selected talent
  • Process the files including normalizing, cleaning up, EQ etc..if required
  • Cut and name the files with your unique file names
  • Deliver to you in your required audio format

Please listen to our voice-over narrators who have extensive experiences with narration and e-learning projects below and let us know your preferred voice talents. If you need more voice samples, please contact us, we’ll share with you the most updated samples.

Sample 1: Female – South Accent

Sample 2: Female – South Accent

Sample 3: Female – South Accent

Sample 4: Female – North Accent

Sample 5: Male – North Accent

Sample 6: Male – North Accent

Sample 7: Male – North Accent

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