Are you looking for game dubbing services in Vietnamese? You’re in the right place. Over the years, VNVO Studio has proven to be the most reliable game dubbing partner in Vietnamese language. We have done many big games dubbing projects, including Vietnamese video games, Chinese games and western games.

Top Vietnamese voice actors for game dubbing

We work with top voice actors in Vietnam, who under our direction, provide the excellent voice outputs which are just perfect for any game required: Action video games, adventure video games, , puzzle video games, sport video games, Chinese video games, three kingdoms video games, card video games, casino video games etc. Our team continues to provide the training for voice actors, while keep looking for potential voice talents in the Vietnamese market. Our objective is to create a hub for game dubbing in Vietnamese language, where the voice actors can join us to practice, exchange the experiences and build their own community at no cost. Our game dubbing community in Vietnam is expanding with more voice actors to join. This is one way we can contribute to the maintenance and development of the game dubbing industry in Vietnam.

Experienced game dubbing director

Our dubbing directors with more than ten years experiences in the industry can satisfy any client. They are able to understand the games, select the suitable voice actors and provide the direction during the recording session. Dubbing a game is challenging but it could be an easy job for those with extensive experiences. There are not too many experienced games dubbing director in Vietnam at this moment, and we’re proud to have the best ones with us.

Live Directed Session available for game dubbing in Vietnamese

We provide our clients with two options: (1) traditional recording where we dub the game by our own and deliver the audio files to the client per their requirements. And (2) we organize a directed session through Zoom or Skype, where our clients could join and give direct comments to the voice actors. Either way, we guarantee the best voice quality to our clients that they could never seek else where in the game dubbing industry in Vietnam.

Highest Quality Sound Engineering

Our studios are well designed to provide the best sound quality. The equipment are state-of-the-art ones that could deliver the audio that meet any world class requirements.

If you have a video game that you need to dub in Vietnamese language, please contact us. We take all projects from the small to big ones. We may provide you with free of charge casting to demonstrate our willingness and capability.

VNVO Studio – the trusted partner for any game dubbing in Vietnamese language

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Voice samples

Sample 1: Male voices, three kingdoms game

Sample 2: Male voices, three kingdoms game

Sample 3: Female voices, three kingdoms game

Sample 4: Female voices, three kingdoms game

Sample 5: Male & Female voices, card game

Sample 6: Male & Female voices, Chinese game

Sample 7: Male  voices, shooting game

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