Vietnamese cartoon & animation voiceover is considered one of the special types of voice over (Vietnamese dubbing). Compared to dubbing in general, Vietnamese cartoon & animation voice over requires more special skills from voice actors such as the talent’s voice would need to match with each character’s personality and the whole movie in general. The Vietnamese voice actors, in addition to the ability of expressing the character personalities, have to perform the script naturally, at many different emotional levels, particularly experienced in matching the voice with the given scenes. Voice acting, therefore, is the most necessary skill when looking for a suitable dubbing in Vietnamese. Vietnamese voice talents, in addition to their innate voice, must also be trained and practiced over the years to get the best and most natural voice, revealing all the characters’ personalities in the film. Thus, finding a professional and suitable Vietnamese cartoon and animation voiceover is not an easy job.

VNVO Studio, with years of experience in the field of dubbing and character voice over has provided many famous Vietnamese voice actors for Disney cartoons and other locally produced movies. VNVO Studio’s voices are extremely familiar to young audiences all over the country, through famous animated films.

  • Dubbing Youtube channels for kids, teenagers an adults
  • Dubbing cartoon movies, characters, animation, TV shows, movies
  • Translate the script from English into Vietnamese
  • Sync and deliver the final output videos

Please listen to the voice samples of our Vietnamese cartoon & animation voice talents below. We are very willing to cast and provide demos according to your request. To receive a quote, please contact VNVO. It’s our pleasure to serve you!

Sample 1: Southern Male & Female Voice

Sample 2: Southern Male & Female Voice

Sample 3: Southern Male & Female Voice

Sample 4: Southern Male & Female Voice

Sample 5: Northern Female Voice

Sample 6: Northern Female Voice

Sample 5: Northern Male Voice

Sample 7: Southern Female Voice

Sample 8: Southern Male Voice

Vietnamese cartoon and animation voiceover

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