VNVO studio provides the singers and vocalists for children and kids songs in Vietnamese language. We have male, female, and kid voices, giving all you need for your Vietnamese kids songs in one place. We’ve worked with many big Youtube channels to translate their songs from English into Vietnamese.

We have a huge experience in producing nursery rhymes, lullabies and any kind of Vietnamese music for children.

With our top notch reputation, you can be sure you’ve found the right team!

  • Voices for cartoons, children songs, youtube
  • Mixed and mastered track
  • Every word sung clearly and easy to understand
  • Voices: Dad, Mom, Boy, Girl, CHOIR of kids!
  • Vietnamese language only

Our Vietnamese voices are perfect for cartoons & animation, nursery rhymes, toys, commercials, children’s apps, games, stories, etc. We know exactly how to make the song that kids will enjoy!

We can translate your lyrics from English to Vietnamese and arrange all the singers needed including real kid voices. Our services include mixing and mastering, delivering the clients the completed songs.

Please listen to our work samples below and contact us to get the offer.

sing vietnamese songs

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