Movies and drama dubbing to Vietnamese. Film dubbing services in Vietnamese. VNVO Studio with more than 10 years experiences in dubbing and translate foreign movies into Vietnamese. We’re dubbing Chinese, Korean and Hong Kong dramas to Vietnamese language. We provide a comprehensive service including script translation, adaption, dubbing and M&E mixing.

Movies dubbing is becoming more and more popular in Vietnam since customers prefer to listen to the characters’ voices instead of reading the small subtitle lines which sometimes impossible in smart phones or tablets. Film dubbing in Vietnam has a long history from 90s when the first HongKong movies were dubbed into Vietnamese. Until now, drama dubbing is still preferred by a large number of film lovers in Vietnam, including both young and adult people. In addition to Hongkong movies, Chinese films or Korean dramas are dubbed as well. VNVO Studio has our own dubbing team with top voice actors in Vietnam at this moment. All the voice actors are well trained and experienced in movie dubbing. We’ve been working with many domestic and international film makers to translate the movies into Vietnamese.

Our process of dubbing are as bellows:

Step 1: Clients provide us with the details of the project, including drama types, number of episodes, duration of each episode etc.

Step 2: VNVO Studio provides the offer according to the information

Step 3: After the client accepts the offer, casting will be conducted with several voice actors dubbing one main character. The client then selects the voice actors for each main character.

Step 4: VNVO proceeds to the dubbing and mixing where required.

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Bellows are some of our products:

Sample 1: Chinese movie

Sample 2: Vietnamese movie

Sample 3: Modern Chinese movie

Sample 4: Romantic Chinese movie

Sample 6: Chinese modern drama

movie dubbing Vietnamese


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  1. Is there a list or website for all the dramas dubbed by vnvoice? My in-laws love watching Chinese dramas dubbed but everything they watched is just dubbed over by one person with the original Chinese still playing in the background

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