Are you looking for an IVR or phone prompts voice over in Vietnamese? We are experts in phone messages recording, with over 11 voice top voice talents in Vietnamese.

With over 10 years experiences in IVR voice over in the Vietnamese markets, VNVO Studio has been providing our excellent services for many domestic and international brands such as GUCCI, Intel, LEGO, Spotify etc. Our professional Vietnamese voice talents are recorded in high quality audio, using state-of-the-art quality microphones to achieve the best possible audio quality. We deliver to you a “ready-to-use” or a “RAW” file, in your required format and with your unique file names without extra cost!

VNVO Studio offers a wide range of talents with both North and South accents in Vietnamese. You select the talent and we do the rest of the job for you. Our IVR and phone prompts recording services include:

  • Translate your script from English to Vietnamese
  • Voice over with your selected talent
  • Process the files including normalizing, cleaning up, EQ etc..if required
  • Cut and name the files with your unique file names
  • Deliver to you in your required audio format

Please listen to some of our IVR and phone messages demos below. Please contact us to get the most updated voice samples and the best offer today!

Sample 1: Female, North Accent

Sample 2: Female, North Accent

Sample 3: Female, North Accent

Sample 4: Female, North Accent

Sample 5: Female, North Accent

Sample 6: Female, South Accent

Sample 7: Female, South Accent

Sample 8: Female, South Accent

Sample 9: Female, South Accent

Sample 10: Female, South Accent

Sample 20: Male, North Accent

IVR & phone messages in Vietnamese