Vietnamese voice over is not yet developed to meet the growing demand of the market. It is known that the salary of a Vietnamese voice actor (who read TVC ads) can be up to thousands of US dollars for each advertisement. Rumor has it that Vietnamese voice talent can receive a payment of $ 3,000 from a big electronics brand after reading just 2 words “That’s right”.

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“Voice talent” is a word that refers to people who have exceptional voices and work as voice over actors for commercials and advertising. In Vietnam, there has always been a huge demand for human resources on this field, but finding good voices is as difficult as “looking for a needle in a haystack”

vietnamese voice over
A Vietnamese voice talent

Is it because Vietnam lacks training schools? Lacks professional platforms? Or lacks talents? …. We have to answers these questions to find out the cause of reality when “a voice appears in three or four consecutive TV commercials”.

The Vietnamese market demand for voice over is great but there are almost no training schools at all. Vocal training classes when experienced Vietnamese actors pass on their knowledge or stage play… are not the places to train voice talent. Platforms that are made to find and discover voice talent in this field are still very limited.

Recently, in a reality TV program called “Guong mat truyen hinh“, there is a competition called “TVC Voice Challenge”.

The producers said that this is the first and important challenge to find new Vietnamese voice talent. But this challenge is also considered a risk by the manufacturer because not every MC has “voice talent” and this is not necessarily a must for an MC. However, this format can also be seen as a rare place to find and provide the Vietnamese market with new talent.

To help develop these voice talents, former MC, journalist Dong Quan (one of the golden voices of The Voice of Ho Chi Minh City People whose voice has been popular thanks to Lan song xanh (VOH) program and Chao ngay moi (HTV7) program) has unexpectedly appeared in “Guong mat truyen hinh” to pass on his skills to the next generation.

This top-notch voice talent in Vietnam didn’t take teach at any school. In fact, he only appears in the reality TV show of HTV about MC career and builds his own Youtube channel for the community who are interested in this field. Dong Quan said: “There are not many new factors for the Vietnamese voice over industry, even though there are many potential candidates. What important is the ability to study by themselves.”

Former MC of Lan song xanh said that besides running a media company, reading commercials is also his current main job. Weekly, he receives advertising voice over jobs from 2 to 3 brands. The most important thing is that he must convey the nuances for the advertisement must so the audience can clearly perceive each message value.

In the Vietnamese voice over market, the most famous ones are Dong Quan, Trung Chau, Kim Phung, Mai Trinh, Thy Mai, and Dat Phi … In fact, the audience will rarely see their faces, but their voices appear on most TV commercials. Many media companies have claimed that they are irreplaceable names when producing TVCs (commercials).

In fact, each TVC ad only lasts from 15 to 30 seconds long with messages or slogans which don’t take much time. To convey the “spirit” of these content, the voice actor must be experienced and skilled. The words they say must be clear with appropriate nuances, and most importantly, they need to have a voice that can level up the brand. There is no specific standard for this criterion.

vietnamese voice actor
Vietnamese voice actors

Nowadays, people who work as “TVC voice talent” are hardly interested in appearing in public because their “beautiful voice” has been slowly building their “beautiful images” in the audience. So when they work, they are more likely to make viewers remember the brand with their “voice messages” rather than their appearance.

In addition, the generations of “golden voice” are all about 50 years old now but their voices are still intact. Therefore, many viewers are curious about them.

There are only a few familiar Vietnamese voice actors on the market so they have the right to be exclusive. Many rumors say: when searching for an commercials voice talent, the southern voice actor must be Trung Chau and the northern voice actor must be Dong Quan. In fact, audiences rarely know their faces (except for MC Dong Quan who appeared in several television programs nearly 10 years ago).

But for many brands who want to improve their image, they have to invite the “golden voices” to be in their voice talents. That is also why the rate of Vietnamese voice talents is up to thousands of US dollars for an advertisement. Rumor in the Vietnamese voice over market is thas a Vietnamese voice actor can receive a payment of $ 3,000 from a big electronics brand after reading just 2 words “That’s right”.

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