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Many companies and individuals are searching for a Vietnamese voice over service. With the growing trend of online marketing and intense offline competition, affordable Vietnamese voice over is becoming increasingly vital for enhancing the professionalism and popularity of advertisements, as well as reducing production costs and increasing business competitiveness. However, finding a good and low-cost Vietnamese voice over service can be challenging in today’s market, due to the unique nature of the voice over industry. In order to get the best affordable voice over, it’s important to understand the reasons behind this trend and find a trustworthy provider such as VNVO Studio. Why are Vietnamese voice over services not inexpensive? Many people ask this question when looking for the cost of Vietnamese voice over services in the market. In reality, the cost for a brief voice over production in Vietnamese can range from roughly $30 to an unlimited amount. A… Read More

VNVO Studio – Top Vietnamese voice over agency in Vietnam

Need a reliable Vietnamese Voice Over service? Look no further! VNVO Studio offers affordable and expert voice over and dubbing services in Vietnamese. Our team of skilled Vietnamese voice actors operate out of two state-of-the-art studios in Ho Chi Minh City and Hanoi. We cater to a wide range of audio-visual media, including TV commercials, advertising, corporate presentations, IVR systems, animations, video games, announcements, documentaries, movies, computer games, e-learning courses, dramas, and more. Choose VNVO Studio for your professional Vietnamese voice over needs. Our clients include world brands such as Spotify, Youtube, Meta, Agoda, Nivea, Ford etc,. What can we offer you? As a professional voice over agency in Vietnamese, we have over 30 native Vietnamese voice talent artists at your disposal. Our voice actors are skilled in both Southern and Northern accents, making them suitable for a variety of audio-visual media, including commercials, announcements, IVR, drama dubbing, documentaries, movies,… Read More

Game Dubbing in Vietnamese – Vietnamese Games Dubbing

Are you looking for game dubbing services in Vietnamese? You’re in the right place. Over the years, VNVO Studio has proven to be the most reliable game dubbing partner in Vietnamese language. We have done many big games dubbing projects, including Vietnamese video games, Chinese games and western games. Top Vietnamese voice actors for game dubbing We work with top voice actors in Vietnam, who under our direction, provide the excellent voice outputs which are just perfect for any game required: Action video games, adventure video games, , puzzle video games, sport video games, Chinese video games, three kingdoms video games, card video games, casino video games etc. Our team continues to provide the training for voice actors, while keep looking for potential voice talents in the Vietnamese market. Our objective is to create a hub for game dubbing in Vietnamese language, where the voice actors can join us to… Read More

Sing children & Kid songs in Vietnamese

VNVO studio provides the singers and vocalists for children and kids songs in Vietnamese language. We have male, female, and kid voices, giving all you need for your Vietnamese kids songs in one place. We’ve worked with many big Youtube channels to translate their songs from English into Vietnamese. We have a huge experience in producing nursery rhymes, lullabies and any kind of Vietnamese music for children. With our top notch reputation, you can be sure you’ve found the right team! Voices for cartoons, children songs, youtube Mixed and mastered track Every word sung clearly and easy to understand Voices: Dad, Mom, Boy, Girl, CHOIR of kids! Vietnamese language only Our Vietnamese voices are perfect for cartoons & animation, nursery rhymes, toys, commercials, children’s apps, games, stories, etc. We know exactly how to make the song that kids will enjoy! We can translate your lyrics from English to Vietnamese and arrange… Read More

Vietnamese Movies Dubbing Services

Movies and drama dubbing to Vietnamese. Film dubbing services in Vietnamese. VNVO Studio with more than 10 years experiences in dubbing and translate foreign movies into Vietnamese. We’re dubbing Chinese, Korean and Hong Kong dramas to Vietnamese language. We provide a comprehensive service including script translation, adaption, dubbing and M&E mixing. Movies dubbing is becoming more and more popular in Vietnam since customers prefer to listen to the characters’ voices instead of reading the small subtitle lines which sometimes impossible in smart phones or tablets. Film dubbing in Vietnam has a long history from 90s when the first HongKong movies were dubbed into Vietnamese. Until now, drama dubbing is still preferred by a large number of film lovers in Vietnam, including both young and adult people. In addition to Hongkong movies, Chinese films or Korean dramas are dubbed as well. VNVO Studio has our own dubbing team with top voice… Read More