Top Vietnamese voice over agency in Vietnam

Many companies and individuals are searching for a Vietnamese voice over service. With the growing trend of online marketing and intense offline competition, affordable Vietnamese voice over is becoming increasingly vital for enhancing the professionalism and popularity of advertisements, as well as reducing production costs and increasing business competitiveness. However, finding a good and low-cost Vietnamese voice over service can be challenging in today’s market, due to the unique nature of the voice over industry. In order to get the best affordable voice over, it’s important to understand the reasons behind this trend and find a trustworthy provider such as VNVO Studio. Why are Vietnamese voice over services not inexpensive? Many people ask this question when looking for the cost of Vietnamese voice over services in the market. In reality, the cost for a brief voice over production in Vietnamese can range from roughly $30 to an unlimited amount. A… Read More

VNVO Studio – Top Vietnamese voice over agency in Vietnam

Need a reliable Vietnamese Voice Over service? Look no further! VNVO Studio offers affordable and expert voice over and dubbing services in Vietnamese. Our team of skilled Vietnamese voice actors operate out of two state-of-the-art studios in Ho Chi Minh City and Hanoi. We cater to a wide range of audio-visual media, including TV commercials, advertising, corporate presentations, IVR systems, animations, video games, announcements, documentaries, movies, computer games, e-learning courses, dramas, and more. Choose VNVO Studio for your professional Vietnamese voice over needs. Our clients include world brands such as Spotify, Youtube, Meta, Agoda, Nivea, Ford etc,. What can we offer you? As a professional voice over agency in Vietnamese, we have over 30 native Vietnamese voice talent artists at your disposal. Our voice actors are skilled in both Southern and Northern accents, making them suitable for a variety of audio-visual media, including commercials, announcements, IVR, drama dubbing, documentaries, movies,… Read More

Vietnamese voice over – Directed session with top voice actors

VNVO Studio provides professional Vietnamese voice over services with directed sessions through Skype, Zoom, Google Meet…You will able to select the most suitable Vietnamese voice talents for your projects from the voice database that consists of all top voice actors in Vietnam at this moment. We do all types of voice over services in Vietnamese, ranging from: TVC, commercials, advertising IVR & Phone messages Videos game Cartoon and Animation Narration and E-learning Corporate and Training Singers & Vocalists Movies & Dramas Dubbing COVID 19 has changing the way we record voice over in Vietnamese and probably in most of the countries. Our studio is operating as usual, but client visit is limited to when absolutely necessary. Instead, we provide another solution through “live directed session”. This means that instead of visiting the studio, clients will be listening and directing live through a voice call app such as Skype, Zoom or… Read More

Vietnamese voice over market – Lack of well-trained voice actors

Vietnamese voice over is not yet developed to meet the growing demand of the market. It is known that the salary of a Vietnamese voice actor (who read TVC ads) can be up to thousands of US dollars for each advertisement. Rumor has it that Vietnamese voice talent can receive a payment of $ 3,000 from a big electronics brand after reading just 2 words “That’s right”. Read more: Vietnamese voice over: good pay yet shortage of human resource Voice over and dubbing services in Vietnam “Voice talent” is a word that refers to people who have exceptional voices and work as voice over actors for commercials and advertising. In Vietnam, there has always been a huge demand for human resources on this field, but finding good voices is as difficult as “looking for a needle in a haystack” Is it because Vietnam lacks training schools? Lacks professional platforms? Or… Read More


Vietnamese voice talents (or Vietnamese voice artists) are those read TVC advertisements, documentaries (dubbing), voice over for characters, comments in clips, audio books, narratives, etc. “Welcome you to visit and do shopping at our supermarket, we are having a promotion program …” When hearing this Vietnamese voice, do you feel a bit familiar? It is the job of advertising Vietnamese voice actors on demand. In Vietnam, doing Vietnamese voice over (being Vietnamese voice aritsts) may be a part-time or full-time job. It depends on how much you invest in it. If the partner’s requirements are high, you can record in the studio, if not, you can use your own phone to record, then use the software in the computer to edit and then send complete audio files for your partner. And you are paid salary. If you read transcript only, the salary shall be different from doing post-production by processing… Read More