Nowadays, voice over and dubbing in Vietnam has become extremely popular. This is an effective solution to create products with perfect sound quality. However, this field has not been considered as a full-fledged profession yet in Vietnam. They only offer a lip-sync service and the Vietnamese voice actors can only appear for a few seconds after the end of the film or have their name on a short clip. This is also one of the reasons why people in Vietnam name this profession as a 10-second job.

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Insight on Vietnamese voice over and dubbing

Voice over is to record commercials, corporate, audio books, greetings on the websites, automatic reply on mobile phone or news, and information announcing at malls and supermarkets…

Dubbing is to insert voice over characters in animation, movies or advertisement videos,… to easily convey the content and message,… to customers.

In Vietnam, voice over and dubbing began in the 90s when sword fighting series, Hongkong’s movies, dramatic American shows,… started to influence Vietnamese cinema. This service has been developing since then and in this era, it is expanding more quickly than ever. Nowadays, in Vietnam, there are more than 100 channels with hundreds of episodes broadcasted frequently on each channel. Estimated, there are more than ten thousand movies broadcasted each year, including both domestic and foreign ones. That’s the reason why Vietnamese voice over and Vietnamese dubbing services have become more important than ever.

Vietnamese voice actors and dubbing artists have to work constantly because there are so many movies that need to be broadcasted to meet customers’ needs. Several movies are bought with copyright from China, Korea, Thailand, and India. These movies need to go through a process of voice over and dubbing before being broadcast on television. That’s why this 10-second job is extremely stressful and important. However, even when Vietnamese voice talents work at the studio 24/7, there is still not enough human resource to cover thousands of projects.

vietnamese voice over and dubbing

What makes Vietnamese voice over and dubbing successful

The staff must be professional: Vietnamese voice actors need to understand the essential requirements of a voice over artist and be able to apply them correctly. According to each service, the voice talent needs to apply each skill. However, the key requirement is that they have to dub correctly. This is not a simple task because the character doesn’t speak a fixed language. The language changes accordingly to each project. The Vietnamese Voice artists has to ensure that they dub correctly with the characters and they cannot miss even one skip.

Controlling emotions is also another factor that contributes to the success of a voice over talent or a dubber. Depending on the script, the voice actors have to adjust their tone and emotion to suit with characters’ expressions. Not only movie actors but Vietnamese voice actors also have to express emotions. They have to cry and laugh with the characters. Hence, to deliver the soul and expression of the play, the Vietnamese voice over talents have to control their emotions and voices.

Besides, the process of Vietnamese voice over and Vietnamese dubbing is another essential factor that makes the quality of a product. Each step, from the receiving stage to analyzing stage, voice over and dubbing stage, check-up and deliver to customers, has to be consistent and harmonic.

Modern equipment and up-to-date audio edit software are equally essential. To achieve the required sound quality, besides the Vietnamese voice artists have to speak loudly and clearly, audio record and filter equipment play such a huge role.

VNVO Studio the leading agency on high quality voice over and dubbing services in Vietnam

Even though in Vietnam, dubbing has become extremely, not all companies are reliable and qualified enough for customers to believe in and choose. At VNVO Studio, we understand this problem and always strive for bettering our brand within the last 10 years working in the industry of Vietnamese voice over and dubbing. We ensure that our customers will be satisfied if they choose us.

Our experienced voice talents are the core of our service in voice over and dubbing. Not only meeting our customers’ needs in dubbing, but we also can express emotions through our voices. Our Vietnamese voice talent stays at the studio all 24/7 to make sure the project’s progress as scheduled.

VNVO Studio also offers our customers various services in Vietnamese voice over and dubbing such as dubbing in movie, video, TVC advertisement, and game,… We believe can meet every need of our customers.

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