Voice Over and Dubbing Services in Vietnam

Nowadays, voice over in Vietnam has become extremely popular. This is an effective solution to create products with perfect sound quality. However, this field has not been considered as a full-fledged profession yet in Vietnam. They only offer a lip-sync service and the Vietnamese voice actors can only appear for a few seconds after the end of the film or have their name on a short clip. This is also one of the reasons why people in Vietnam name this profession as a 10-second job. Read more: Commercials & Advertising Voice Over in Vietnamese IVR & Phone Messages Voice Over in Vietnamese Professional Vietnamese Cartoon & Animation Dubbing Narration & E-learning Vietnamese Voice Over Corporate & Training Voice Over in Vietnamese Insight on Vietnamese voice over Voice over is to record commercials, corporate, audio books, greetings on the websites, automatic reply on mobile phone or news, and information announcing at… Read More