Professional Vietnamese Cartoon and Animation Voiceover

Vietnamese cartoon & animation voiceover is considered one of the special types of voice over (Vietnamese dubbing). Compared to dubbing in general, Vietnamese cartoon & animation voice over requires more special skills from voice actors such as the talent’s voice would need to match with each character’s personality and the whole movie in general. The Vietnamese voice actors, in addition to the ability of expressing the character personalities, have to perform the script naturally, at many different emotional levels, particularly experienced in matching the voice with the given scenes. Voice acting, therefore, is the most necessary skill when looking for a suitable dubbing in Vietnamese. Vietnamese voice talents, in addition to their innate voice, must also be trained and practiced over the years to get the best and most natural voice, revealing all the characters’ personalities in the film. Thus, finding a professional and suitable Vietnamese cartoon and animation voiceover… Read More

Vietnamese voice talents: The solo performance

Vietnamese voice talents: The solo performance Vietnamese voice talents: The job of people standing behind the screen in the movies. They are the Vietnamese voice actors but the audience watching film does not know them, but by their voice, they convey the true feelings of each character to the best in the film. They are Vietnamese voice artists. Vietnamese Voice actors are those only use sound to express characters on screen. They work diligently and never complain that “this profession is unappreciated.” When enjoying foreign movies in Vietnam, a large number of audiences are surprised because the foreign actors speak Vietnamese so fluently. In fact, it is the voice of Vietnamese voice talents. Their sounds must perfectly match with the characters’ face, portraying exactly the psychological expressions of the role in all circumstances. But not few know that this Vietnamese voice over career is also coupled with much hardship and… Read More


Vietnamese voice talents (or Vietnamese voice artists) are those read TVC advertisements, documentaries (dubbing), voice over for characters, comments in clips, audio books, narratives, etc. “Welcome you to visit and do shopping at our supermarket, we are having a promotion program …” When hearing this Vietnamese voice, do you feel a bit familiar? It is the job of advertising Vietnamese voice actors on demand. In Vietnam, doing Vietnamese voice over (being Vietnamese voice aritsts) may be a part-time or full-time job. It depends on how much you invest in it. If the partner’s requirements are high, you can record in the studio, if not, you can use your own phone to record, then use the software in the computer to edit and then send complete audio files for your partner. And you are paid salary. If you read transcript only, the salary shall be different from doing post-production by processing… Read More

5 Tips To Get The Best Vietnamese Voice over

Vietnamese voice over is necessary when it comes to Vietnamese market or at least you target Vietnamese customers worldwide. So! You’re ready to create your marketing video. You’ve got a great script, top quality equipment, and a good location. You’re all set, right? Wrong. (Sorry.) Unless you’ve put serious thought into how that script will be read, your video is not ready to be shot. Quality Vietnamese voice overs can make or break a marketing video. And here’s the uncomfortable truth: humans are emotional creatures. We tend to make judgments on an emotional basis and then justify them rationally after the fact. That means the wrong tone of voice will turn an audience against your message, and the right tone makes them want to believe you. Here are some ways to present your customers with a trustworthy, engaging voice. Get Quality Vietnamese Voice Actors This is a simple step, but a… Read More

5 Tips to Perfecting Voice Over for Video in Vietnamese

Video marketing isn’t just a fun, exciting way to advertise a brand, particularly in Vietnam. It’s also an opportunity to entertain and educate Vietnamese audience at the same time. According to a study by Forrester Research, it’s estimated that watching one minute of video online is equivalent to digesting 1.8 million written words. Visuals are processed 60,000 times faster by the brain than when reading text; so an effective video marketing strategy is the perfect way to not only inform your audience, but to create an immediate impression in their mind. Videos aren’t all about visuals, though. The Vietnamese voice over you use is essential to passionately conveying the message of your brand. Interestingly, research suggests that different groups of people connect more to certain voices than others. Factors such as regional dialects, gender, age and tone are all important to consider when trying to appeal to specific demographics or communities.… Read More