Vietnamese voice over is a service that many companies and persons are looking for. With the trend of online marketing as well as offline competition is fierce as today, low-cost Vietnamese voice over service is becoming more and more important in helping individuals and businesses increase their professionalism and the popularity of advertising while helping reduce expenses on producing advertising video and increasing competitiveness of the businesses. However, the low-cost Vietnamese voice over is not easy to find on the market today due to the specific characteristics of voice over field. Let’s find out the reason behind this story as well as the reliable address to get suitable low-cost voice-over with VNVO Studio.

A voice over product made by VNVO Studio 

Why aren’t Veitnamese voice over services cheap?

This is the question that lots of people ask when finding for Vietnamese voice over service’s cost in the market. In fact, a short  voice over production in Vietnamese usually costs from about 30 dollars to unlimited. Professional Vietnamese voice over video can cost dozens of dollars or up to hundreds of dollars depending on voice actor and business’s demand. Followings are the basic reason why its cost is not cheap:

  • Expenses on recording studio: Voice over providers often have a quality studio. To ensure the voice over file is standard, the sound is true with no noise, a quality studio with standard equipment are required. Expenses on building a studio and buying such equipment in Vietnam is usually not cheap. Therefore, when calculating the cost, the providers often charge studio costs for product costs. For example, the expense on hiring a studio in Vietnam usually ranges from 13 to 22 dollars per hour. Short voice over videos often last several minutes to dozens of minutes but customers still have to pay for an hour.
  • Expenses on voice actors: To become a professional Vietnamese voice actor, a person must have a suitable voice and practice so hard. Just like singers, it’s very hard to have a suitable and skilled voice. Not all the voices which are pleasant to the ears can be suitable for voicing over. It is important that the Vietnamese voice actor needs to have the skills to handle the script to listen naturally, smooth and attractive. Usually, voice actors all have their own know-how and experience in the profession, which requires a lot of time and a big effort. Therefore, the payment for Vietnmaese voice actors is not cheap too. Normally, the payment for voice actors in Vietnam will be depend on advertising or by number of words or pages if voicing over long scripts such as audio stories, e-books or training materials. The payment for voice actors is also an important factor that raises the expenses on voicing over in Vietnamese market today.
  • Expenses on post-processing: Voicing over only solves 70% of voice over service. Post-processing also plays an important role in determining the quality of the products. Normally, wave files are usually processed by professional recording software such as Adobe Audition, Audacity, Acoustica, etc. to filter noise, adjust sound effects to suit the requirements of the advertising segment. This stage also requires engineers with in-depth knowledge of sound processing. Post-processing’s cost is also an important factor pushing voice over service’s cost up compared to other services in the market.
  • This service is not really developed in Vietnam. Voice over service has existed for a long time which is very developed in developed countries. However, it’s quite new in Vietnam because there is less of demands. Vietnamese enterprises often do it themselves or use unprofessional voice over service. And there are few centers training professional voice actors in Vietnam. Most voice actors are MCs or television voice actors. There are also little demands so that voice over service’s cost is not cheap.

How much do Vietnamese voice over services available cost?

Currently, there are several dozens of voice over studios in Vietnamese market, they are both professional and non. The prices are also very various. A Vietnamese voice over video which lasts for 1 minute costs from 43 to 86 dollars depends on services. This is not affordable to individuals or SME who want to build a professional marketing strategy for themselves. Amateur services have a slightly lower cost, voice actors are not good and recording files’ quality is not standard.

A voice over product made by VNVO Studio 

Which low-cost Vietnamese voice over service is the best?

This is the question that many people ask. VNVO Studio can’t answer it for you because we do not have all the information in the market, however, we can sure that VNVO Studio’s voice over service is the most affordable compared to the finished production in Vietnam. We can assure it because the reasons as follow:

  • VNVO studio’s business strategy initially defined as low-cost voice over, with the mission of promoting and developing professional Vietnamese voice over service to all Vietnamese SME. Therefore, although the investment on studio and Vietnamese voice actors is considerable, VNVO Studio tries to reduce the cost to a minimum in order to meet the demand for low-cost voice over of the most part of individuals and SME.
  • VNVO Studio has been working in low-cost voice over field for over 10 years in Vietnam. VNVO Studio also collaborates and provides services for lots of domestic and foreign customers, therefore, we understand which is the suitable cost for quality products. You can totally rest assured about the prices when working with VNVO Stuido. We ensure that our customers will always receive the most valuable products on their payment.

Are there many Vietnamese voice over services cost just dozens of dollars?

Yes. There are. In the Vietnamese market, there are many voice over services cost just dozens of dollars. However, you’ll understand why they’re so cheap after seeing their quality. Most of these low-cost voice over products in Vietnam are made at home-made studios or old, unqualified ones. Therefore, sound quality is greatly affected. Technicians abuse techniques to mix music up to hide the bad sound quality in the file. In addition, the Vietnamese voice actors are not professional, they merely read the script with the available voice and do not acting as the professional voice actors.

What does VNVO Studio’s low-cost voice over service include?

We provide almost all of the services related to low-cost voice over for individuals and enterprises in Vietnam. These services include:

  • Vietnamese TVC voice over with the attendance of famous MCs working for VTV, VTC, VOV
  • Vietnamese Voice over services for switchboard, music on hold for enterprises
  • Voice over services for stores, supermarkets and grand opening and broadcastimg
  • Voice over services for audio books, training materials, tutorial videos
  • Voice over services for alarming, warning reminders
vietnamese voice over
VNVO Studio provides low cost Vietnamese voice over service

How to get a quote on VNVO Studio ‘s low-cost voice over service?

Take a contact via email  to get a quote on VNVO Stuido’s low-cost Vietnamese voice over service. We’ll ask you below questions to give you a suitable quote:

  • What kind of voice over services do you want: video ads, company introduction videos, voice over for switchboard or training materials, etc.
  • How many words does your script has? Or how long does the audio last?
  • What kind of Vietnamese voice accent do you want to have? Northern or Southern accent?
  • Do you need additional services such as synchorizing or dubbing?

Based on the information that you provide, VNVO Studio will give you a suitable quote. We can submit file within 1-2 days depending on customers’ demand.

Does VNVO redo according to customers’ requirement?

Basically, VNVO Studio will ask customers to provide their requirements in detail to restrict redoing the products. Specific requirements for voice over include:

  • Vietnamese Voice actors: Valued customers choose the voice of the actors through VNVO’s voice samples. Valued customers have rights to ask VNVO for providing another file of voice actors to have more options.
  • Reading style: Valued customers should give VNVO a clear description on reading style. For example: emotional, gentle, deep, warm, forceful, cheerful, or fresh, etc. VNVO actors will act as your request.

Contact VNVO Studio today to get a professional and most affordable Vietnamese voice over service in the market!

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