Should I use a pro voice over in Vietnamese for my videos?

A professional voice over in Vietnamese can be more important than the words spoken. Think “You’ve got mail” — these three little words are synonymous with internet service provider AOL. The voice behind the famous phrase — it belongs to voice-over actor Elwood Edwards in Vietnam — is just as recognizable.  The voice conveys a brand’s message in mere seconds. It resonates with an audience, creating a narrative and sparking emotions. Vietnamese brands don’t need celebrities for a powerful voice-over; Edwards wasn’t a Hollywood actor when he recorded AOL’s email greeting in Vietnam. Using a pro, instead of one’s own voice, can have massive results for marketers, e- learning providers, and entrepreneurs who want to generate more leads and boost sales. The Benefits of a Good Voice Over for Video in Vietnam Using the right Vietnamese voice-over makes or breaks an e-learning, training or marketing video. It’s all about trust:… Read More

How To Do Voice Overs in Vietnamese – Essential Tips For Beginners

How to do voice overs in Vietnamese? Well that is a massive subject and so we are just going to cover some the essentials here. To learn more I suggest you take the voice over for beginners course in Vietnam where we cover a lot of how to do voice overs in a lot more detail. Starting With The Script Working with your Vietnamese scripts is the critical first place to start. You need to practice reading, not in your head but out loud. You have to read out loud every day in the beginning to learn how to master punctuation, intonation…Now here is the thing, you can read anything to start with that will help you get into the habit of practicing; from newspapers to books to repeating TV commercials. Remember that every piece of voiceover work involves a script. One of the things that you quickly realise is… Read More

20 Tips to Record Professional Vietnamese Voice Overs

Vietnamese voice overs require more than just getting a microphone and talking. They are about transmitting a message and making the listener feel something. Whether you’re voicing a character or announcing the latest smartphone, the main goal of professional voice overs is to always get information across effectively, while bringing the Vietnamese listener in and making them feel comfortable with your voice. In this blog, I will give you 20 tips to record professional voice overs in Vietnam, even from the comfort of your home. Let’s begin: Warm Up Your Voice Before grabbing your microphone and hitting the record button, there are certain things you can do to ensure your recordings will sound professional. I’d recommend you start with some Vietnamese vocal warm-up exercises. Start with some breathing exercises, then sing musical scales. The Script It’s a great piece of advice to familiarize yourself from the beginning with what you are about to… Read More

5 Tips to Perfecting Voice Over for Video in Vietnamese

Video marketing isn’t just a fun, exciting way to advertise a brand, particularly in Vietnam. It’s also an opportunity to entertain and educate Vietnamese audience at the same time. According to a study by Forrester Research, it’s estimated that watching one minute of video online is equivalent to digesting 1.8 million written words. Visuals are processed 60,000 times faster by the brain than when reading text; so an effective video marketing strategy is the perfect way to not only inform your audience, but to create an immediate impression in their mind. Videos aren’t all about visuals, though. The Vietnamese voice over you use is essential to passionately conveying the message of your brand. Interestingly, research suggests that different groups of people connect more to certain voices than others. Factors such as regional dialects, gender, age and tone are all important to consider when trying to appeal to specific demographics or communities.… Read More

Vietnamese Voice Acting Tips: Dos & Don’ts

What to do or what not to do, for us Vietnamese voice artists, that is the question every time we step into a studio! As a Vietnamese voiceover talent, you will be behind a microphone being instructed during a recording. But you may say, that you can be just on your own in your home studio, without feedback. Well, in that case too, you also need some guidelines. To get you a heads start we have provided a list of dos and don’ts in the current practices of voiceovers! So the next time you are on your way to another voice over job, or just recording that script in your own booth, don’t sweat it! You’ll be prepared with these voice acting tips. Let’s break it down: THE DOS Drink a lot of water to keep your mouth moist. Keep those sinuses clear! Unless you seek medical attention, nose drops… Read More