Narration & E-Learning Voice Over in Vietnamese

VNVO Studio offers  a wide range of narration voice over in Vietnamese, including e-Learning, presentation, tutorials, instructional and educational videos. Whether you’re plan to teach clients how to use your e-commerce platform, medical professionals how to use a new device, tutorials or e-learning videos can be the ideal way to do it. Voice over narration in Vietnamese can be extremely effective, provided you an opportunity to choose a narrator who is supremely suited for your task. We offer more than 10 top narrators in Vietnam, you’re likely to find a good match by listening to our voice samples below. IVR and phone messages voice over in Vietnamese Characters and Animation voice over in Vietnamese E-learning voice over typically involves extensive listening, meaning that you need a narrator whose voice is likable, gentle and easy to listen. VNVO Studio offers both male and female narrators with North and South accents in… Read More

The importance of a professional Vietnamese voice over

Show You’re Sincere The right professional Vietnamese voice over can be reassuring. It can let people know that you’re honest. The voice you choose will be representing your company or your product. Vietnamese people want to know you are on the level and the way the words are delivered go a long way in reassuring them. Ford, and later Wal-Mart, didn’t just hire Mike Rowe for their commercials because of his distinct, opera-trained pipes. He represents honesty and hard work, and his voice carries that same essence. Even if you aren’t familiar with his TV shows, those qualities are present in his commercial voice over work. He doesn’t sound like a slick salesman. He sounds like your neighbor. Get Emotional How should people feel when watching your video? Confident? Concerned? Hopeful? Excited?  Vietnamese voice artists can imbue the script with emotion. Professionals know where to pause and where to change the… Read More

5 Tips to Perfecting Voice Over for Video in Vietnamese

Video marketing isn’t just a fun, exciting way to advertise a brand, particularly in Vietnam. It’s also an opportunity to entertain and educate Vietnamese audience at the same time. According to a study by Forrester Research, it’s estimated that watching one minute of video online is equivalent to digesting 1.8 million written words. Visuals are processed 60,000 times faster by the brain than when reading text; so an effective video marketing strategy is the perfect way to not only inform your audience, but to create an immediate impression in their mind. Videos aren’t all about visuals, though. The Vietnamese voice over you use is essential to passionately conveying the message of your brand. Interestingly, research suggests that different groups of people connect more to certain voices than others. Factors such as regional dialects, gender, age and tone are all important to consider when trying to appeal to specific demographics or communities.… Read More