Top Rated Vietnamese Voice Talent Artists 2019

Top Rated Vietnamese Voice Talent Artists 2019 Belows are top Vietnamese voice talent artists in 2019 ranked by VNVO. VNVO Studio is a Vietnamese voice production studio providing voice over service for clients all over the world. With more than 7 years experiences in voice over, we have been working with various Vietnamese voice talent artists across the country. This provides us a opportunity and enough resources to evaluate the Vietnamese voice over talent artists. The top Vietnamese voice talent artist 2019 below are muanualy and carefully selected based on our internal criteria as well as client’s feedbacks. The internal criteria that we used are: Professional experiences: Professional vietnamese voice over artists are those who are aware of client’s expectation and desired outcomes. They are less of learning curve and therefore less of doing revisions. This table takes into account those Vietnamese voice talent artists who have 5 years of… Read More

Vietnamese Voice Over Service – VNVO Studio

Are you looking for a trusted Vietnamese Voice Over Service? You’re just in the right place! VNVO is a affordable and professional Vietnamese studio that specializes in Vietnamese audio & voice over production. We have experienced and well-trained Vietnamese voice talents with two studios in Ho Chi Minh City and Hanoi. If you’re looking for professional voice-overs in Vietnamese for radio or TV commercials, advertising, product videos, video games, announcements, documentaries, movies, computer games, e-learning or any other audio-visual media…We are a trusted provider! A voice over video produced by VNVO What we can do for you? Unlike agencies that provide multilingual languages, we specialize in Vietnamese language with more than 10 native Vietnamese voice talents. We offer both Southern accent and Northern accent for multicultural purposes, including commercials, announcements, introduction, documentaries, movies, computer games, e-learning, audio books or any other audio-visual media. A voice over video produced by VNVO Why trust us with your audio? All our Vietnamese voice actors have professional training… Read More

How To Direct Vietnamese Voice Over Artists Online

Vietnamese voice over artists are talented professionals that can take your scripts and turn them into beautiful voice overs; however, even the best voice over actors can’t read minds. Vietnamese voice actors need direction, and not just any direction; they need the right kind of direction that will enable them to take your project and produce a high-quality voice over that you’ll love. So how do you effectively direct Vietnamese voice actors online? Well, lucky for you, we’ve created a blueprint that outlines the 7 most important elements to direct voice actors. If you stick to these 7 key points, then you’ll enjoy a life full of beautiful voice overs that hit the mark every time for your projects. It all starts with the purpose The first and most important key point that you must identify and relate to the Vietnamese voice over actors is the purpose of your project.… Read More

English Voice Over Jobs in Vietnam

VNVO is looking for English Voice Over Artists to work for Vietnamese market. VNVO is the most-trusted provider of creative work in Vietnam. We have hundreds of clients in Vietnam and we got there by carefully curating the best pool of professionals. If you are an professional English  voice actor, either British English or American English , please send us your voice sample without background music to . We are always looking for great voice actors, when whe have a project that matches your skills, we will contact you then. We’ll present samples of your work to our  clients. You will be able to set your own rates and you won’t have to pay application, subscription, or commission fees. We’ll pay you fast too. In fact, we will pay you for every voice over you have done and the client accepted. Working with us, you’ll join a young and dynamic team… Read More

5 Tips To Get The Best Vietnamese Voice over

Vietnamese voice over is necessary when it comes to Vietnamese market or at least you target Vietnamese customers worldwide. So! You’re ready to create your marketing video. You’ve got a great script, top quality equipment, and a good location. You’re all set, right? Wrong. (Sorry.) Unless you’ve put serious thought into how that script will be read, your video is not ready to be shot. Quality Vietnamese voice overs can make or break a marketing video. And here’s the uncomfortable truth: humans are emotional creatures. We tend to make judgments on an emotional basis and then justify them rationally after the fact. That means the wrong tone of voice will turn an audience against your message, and the right tone makes them want to believe you. Here are some ways to present your customers with a trustworthy, engaging voice. Get Quality Vietnamese Voice Actors This is a simple step, but a… Read More